CraveOnline, a portal and blog network specializing in "next-generation male lifestyle sites" is hosting a kind of silly (alright, not just kind of) event near E3, where it will attempt to break the world record for "longest video games marathon playing a fighting game".

The network's team members intend to play the latest Mortal Kombat 3 (PS3) for 31 hours straight at its "Non-Stop NOS Gaming Lounge" outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

This lounge will be open 24/7 from June 7 to 8, and everyone is invited to stop by and play on two other screens/consoles that will be available there. It will also feature a "Non-Stop DJ", as well as models handing out NOS Energy drinks to visitors and the CraveOnline gamers..

CraveOnline says the highlight of the event will be the "Final Power Hour" from 5PM to 6PM on June 8th, when its team wraps up its 31st hour to break the Guinness World Record.