Starting with part three, the Ryū ga Gotoku series (otherwise known as Yakuza outside of Japan) has had an alcoholic beverage tie-in with each release. So perhaps it's fitting that the latest installment gets one as well, especially as one gets the impression that franchise might be drawing to a close. And what better way to say goodbye to an old friend by getting blotto?

Sega has partnered with distiller Seifuku Shuzo once again to produce the limited edition bottle of Seifuku Shikwasa that you see above. I must confess: I consider myself to be fairly knowledgeable of Japanese sprits and am still completely ignorant of what Seifuku Shikwasa precisely is. I'm guessing it's a brand of shochu of some kind, though it could easily be sake as well.

Though I've had my share of Japanese hard liquor that's just as colorful, and must assume it's equally tasty (plus strong). Each bottle will cost 1,890 yen and can be pre-ordered via this page, but I have no idea if international shipping is an option.

[via Andriasang]