2011 is a good year for fans of old Treasure games, what with Bangai-O HD dropping from the heavens to Xbox Live Arcade yesterday, and Radiant Silvergun HD on the way to the download platform.

Now Sega is announcing that Guardian Heroes, the Sega Saturn beat-em' up/RPG that Treasure fans adored for its refreshing, multi-plane twist on the brawler genre, will be remastered for XBLA this fall.

Guardian Heroes HD will add online co-op and battle modes, new gameplay modes, versus mode support for up to 12 players (!), widescreen graphics, new visual effects, and more.

It's still unclear if Treasure or another developer, like Backbone, is handling this -- I can't think of any reason why anyone would prefer the latter option! (well, other than it would give them more resources to work on a new IP)

[Via Rlan]