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Archive For May, 2011

Mushihimesama Cave Matsuri Ver 1.5 For Sale

May 29, 2011 10:00 PM | Matthew Hawkins

Earlier this week we made mention of Cave's online festival. In addition to items normally available at their shop, including soundtracks, art books, and superplay DVDs, one could also find (presumably for a limited time) other shmup related odds and ends, including a variety of drinking containers, even an umbrella.

Another special item is Mushihime-sama Cave Matsuri Ver 1.5 (a special Cave Festival version of the first Mushihime, as opposed to the sequel as one might mistakenly assumed). Note that this is an arcade board, NOT a console release. According to Cave-STG, gameplay additions and tweaks include: "The ability to start the game at MAX Power and four options. Doing so, however, also increases the firepower of the enemies. You also start with just one bomb."

There is also a new arranged soundtrack courtesy of Ryu Umemoto. Fingers crossed that this revision makes it out to those who don't have a PCB set-up at home, which are quite a few folks in Japan actually. Ideally as XBLA title or something similar.

[via Cave-STG]

Best Description Of Zelda's Timeline Yet, Courtesy Of Doc Brown

May 29, 2011 6:00 PM | Matthew Hawkins

Another subject that was touched upon this week, a rather sensitive one might I add once more, was the Zelda timeline. For that post I referred to the Angry Nintendo Nerd's fairly thorough explanation, yet not every single piece of the puzzle was properly addressed. So perhaps it's no surprise to hear that the best explanation thus hails from the master of understanding space and time, the crazy white haired time-traveling professor from the Back to the Future movies.

The best part of the clip above, aside from making mention of EVERY adventure that Link finds himself in, is the Hero of Time/Winds/whatever's responses. And not jut because he does a fairly passable Marty MyFly impression.

COLUMN: 'Game Mag Weaseling': When Strategy Guides Ruled The Earth

May 29, 2011 3:00 PM |

['Game Mag Weaseling' is a weekly column by Kevin Gifford which documents the history of video game magazines, from their birth in the early '80s to the current day.]

famimagamario%20%281%29.jpg   68000001032751%5B1%5D.jpg

How popular did Nintendo's Family Computer become after Super Mario Bros. was released on September 13, 1985? So popular that, as it turns out, a third-party Super Mario Bros. strategy guidebook was the top selling non-manga book in Japan for the entire year of 1985. And 1986.

Super Mario Bros.: The Complete Strategy Guide (スーパーマリオブラザーズ完全攻略本, pictured at left) was produced by the editors of Tokuma Shoten's Family Computer Magazine, the highest-circ game mag in Japan until Famitsu hit it big in the late 1980s. Simultaneous day-and-date guide releases alongside games didn't really happen until later, so this book didn't hit shops until October 31 -- and still it managed to sell 630,000 copies before the end of the year. What's more, the 10th best-selling book of 1985 in Japan was another SMB strategy guide -- Futami Shobo's Super Mario Bros. Secret Tricks Collection (スーパーマリオブラザーズ裏ワザ大全集, pictured right).

(In what was perhaps a sign of the times, the book that Tokuma's Mario guide beat out to be #1 in 1985 was the Japanese translation of Iacocca: An Autobiography.)

Mario Mania didn't truly take hold in Japan until 1986, though. In that year, Tokuma's guide was again the top-selling book in the nation, with Futami's getting bumped up to third place. What's more, those two books were joined by five other guides in the top 25 -- strategies for Twinbee, The Goonies, Spelunker, Ghosts 'n Goblins, and Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken. In 1986, you could sell anything Famicom-related and rake in massive profits, basically -- and then it happened all over again in America two years later. I knew I was born too late.

Sadly, the guidebook boom faltered in subsequent years as competition increased. From 1987 onward, the only strategy guides that made Japanese bestseller lists were Enix's official guides for whatever Dragon Quest title they most recently released. (There has been a bit of an uptick in recent years, though, thanks to the massive influx of Pokemon guides that hit with every new game release.)

Because You Need More Boy In Your Life: Nobitunes 2

May 29, 2011 10:00 AM | Eric Caoili

I missed this earlier in the month, but Namco Bandai has released another OST for Keita Takahashi's bizarre but beloved PSN/iOS game Noby Noby Boy, titled "NobiTunes 0-----0 Noby Noby Boy Sound Track 2".

The album features ten tracks from the iOS game composed by Namco veterans Yu Miyake, Taku Inoue, Yuriko Keino, and Ryou Watanabe. Sexy-Synthesizer, whose fabulous music we've featured here before, also contributed.

Sample the tracks and purchase the album on iTunes.

[Via brandonnn]

Celebrate The 15th Anniversary Of Resident Evil By Enjoying Themed Drinks And Shooting Guns

May 29, 2011 6:00 AM | Matthew Hawkins


Located in Kichijoji, a part of Tokyo where the young gather to enjoy the arts and other bits of counterculture, is the EA Shooting Bar. Not only can one partake in colorful mixed drinks, but also release some rounds of ammo at the shooting range, which is built into the bar/restaurant. Granted, these aren't real firearms, but super fancy replicas known as airsoft guns (essentially BB guns that look super close to like the real things), but still!

So, it obviously makes total sense for Capcom to take over the place and celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise, as well as promote the launch of The Mercenaries for the Nintendo 3DS, by offering a wide variety of RE-themed booze, grub, and targets. As one might expect, there are drink specials based upon the assorted herbs that provide another form of relief, as well as snacks that resemble brains, cuz that's what zombies eat of course.

But the real draw is the chance to handle faithful reproductions of the various arms from the games, to be used to blow similarly familiar foes. For a full report, simply refer to the ultimate guide to Japan’s off the beaten path, aka Tokyo Scum Brigade.

The Blocked Tunnel: Lots Of Pointing, Clicking, And Strange Art

May 28, 2011 10:00 PM | Eric Caoili

Indie developer Bertil Vorre-Grøntved tipped us to the release of his new game The Blocked Tunnel, which isn't really my thing but I immediately felt was worth sharing here just for the creepy awesome head/fruit thing he uses on his site/logo.

The atmospheric music, bizarre world, and hand-drawn artwork -- reminiscent of Amanita Design's Machinarium -- make The Blocked Tunnel worth checking out, too. My only issue is I've never been much for these trial-and-error, click-everything adventure titles.

Thankfully, there's an easy-to-access in-game walkthrough you can consult to quickly find your way through the four scenes without wasting too much time fuddling about. You can play the game for free in your browser right here.

Best of iOS News: From Ticket to Ride to Chaos Rings Omega

May 28, 2011 8:00 PM | Eric Caoili

[GameSetWatch rounds up the latest news in the world of App Store gaming, featuring standout releases like Ticket to Ride, Casey's Contraptions and Chaos Rings Omega.]

- Days of Wonder Launches Ticket to Ride for iPad
This new and online multiplayer-enabled version of Days of Wonder's top-selling board game features a detailed tutorial, a variety of downloadable maps, and support for cross-platform play with Mac and PC players.

- Infinity Blade Updates with New Content
Chair's Unreal Engine-powered action game gets new equipment, additional achievements, and a multiplayer Arena mode in its latest update.

- Bumpy Road Offers Up 'A Love Story on Four Wheels'
"Spring is here and a couple in their autumn years have decided to go for a ride in their car just like in the old days. Bump the road with a simple touch to safely guide them on their trip and help them collect the memories of their past."

- Chaos Rings Omega Remakes Landmark Square Enix iOS RPG
Square Enix launches a Chaos Rings "Director's Cut" of sorts, adding new characters and gameplay elements to its Final Fantasy-influenced iOS RPG.

- Capcom to Publish iOS-Exclusive Monster Hunter Spinoff
Due for release in June, Capcom's Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting attempts to capture the creature-slaying action of its popular PSP franchise.

- Flower Garden Developer Releases iPad Physics Puzzler Casey's Contraptions
Snappy Touch, creator of the hit gardening sim Flower Garden, releases a Rube Goldberg-esque chain reaction puzzler exclusively for the iPad.

Classic Videogames Hardware Book Now On Kindle

May 28, 2011 6:00 PM | Eric Caoili

Retro Gamer announced the Kindle release of "Classic Videogames Hardware Genius Guide", which looks a lot like the company's Videogames Hardware Handbooks, collections of previously published in-depth features on obscure and popular consoles released from 1977 to 2001.

I'm not sure if this includes both volumes of the printed handbooks, but even if it's just the first one, this is still a steal -- I purchased mine for around $20, while this Kindle edition is only $8.99, or £5.81 in the UK. It's also difficult to find these on shelves anywhere (in the U.S. at least).

From Amazon's product description for Classic Videogames Hardware Genius Guide:

"From the N64 and SNES to the Atari 2600 and Intellivision, this book covers all the classic hardware from days gone by. With in-depth features and lists of the top ten games, this comprehensive guide will take you back to the golden age of videogames."
If you have copies of the printed books and end up buying this, let us know if it's both volumes or just the first one!

Slow Motion Footage Of Pokemon Cosplayers

May 28, 2011 2:00 PM | Matthew Hawkins

Footage of cosplayers screwing around at an anime con is dime a dozen. Even a casual search on YouTube is going to bring up countless results. So what makes the above so special, for those who haven't clicked the play button? It's footage of cosplayers screwing around at an anime con... but slowed down.

Not sure what exactly compelled Vincent Diamante, a veritable jack of all gaming trades, as well as good pal to GSW (plus recently announced sound designer for the upcoming Skullgirls), to slow down the shutter speed of his camera at Anime Los Angeles earlier this year. Or was that speed it up? Sorry, I’m too distracted to care at the moment. BTW, a bonus clip after the cut.

Best Of Console Digital News: Holy Impostors Batman!

May 28, 2011 10:00 AM | Ryan Langley

fast11.jpg[Ryan Langley rounds up the week's top stories for the major console and portable digital delivery services, this time highlighting news about Gotham City Imposters and Awesomenauts.]

This week we've seen a set of interesting announcements, such as the reveal of Gotham City Imposters, a first person Batman game, and the cartoony styling of Awesomenauts by Ronimo games, as well as numerous leaks -- including Crimson Alliance and Tetris Party. We've also seen the first trailers for WiiWare racer FAST and the Diddy Kong Racing-style flying of SkyDrift.

All in all, it's made the weeks up to the Electronic Entertainment Expo all the more difficult.

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We also saw the release of Section 8: Prejudice, an attempt by a studio to bring a full retail release to the downloadable market.

We take a look at the Leaderboard statistics from all the new titles from April 2011, keep tabs on some downloadable content that made itself available on the marketplace, and see how deals affect the marketplace in terms of sales, when over 20 titles got discounts during the month.

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