Taito has announced released the techno-filled soundtrack for Space Invaders Infinity Gene to iTunes, collecting all the tracks composed by its talented in-house sound crew Zuntata for the iOS versions and subsequent XBLA/PSN releases.

The -Evolutional Theory- album includes 25 tracks meant to not only offer "an excellent way for existing fans to relive the music from the game [but] also give the uninitiated a glimpse into the world of Space Invaders Infinity Gene".

"Space Invaders Infinity Gene originally debuted as a Java phone game, but it soon evolved into an iPhone/iPod touch hit and then finally into a PS3/Xbox 360 release," says Zuntata composer Hirokazu Koshio.

"The evolution continues: now the soundtrack is breaking away from the game, transforming into a stand–alone CD and digital download. The entire history of the evolution of Space Invaders is concentrated in this one album, and we hope you'll experience it for yourself."

You can preview all the tracks and buy them for $0.99 each at iTunes, or download the entire Space Invaders Infinity Gene -Evolutional Theory- album for $11.99.