2D Boy's iPhone version of World of Goo, its much-lauded, multiple Independent Games Festival award-winning puzzler, is now available on the App Store and discounted to a special launch price of $0.99 for today (it will rise to $2.99 starting tomorrow).

If you already purchased the iPad version when that released in December, you can also get in on this, as 2D Boy has made that edition universal, so you can play World of Goo HD on all your iOs devices -- provided your iPhone is 3GS and newer, and your iPod Touch is third generation and newer.

The developer notes that there's a small iOS bonus: "We have discovered a strange new character who mysteriously appears after the end of the game. This new character seems to appear only in the iOS versions of World of Goo. But upon further investigation, there seems to be a good reason for that."

And to celebrate all this, craftster David Lien is selling his Goo fleece beanies at a 40 percent discount until April 20 ($10 for adult size, $7.50 for kid size). It's probably too warm now to get any use of them, but they'll come in handy as a silly hat when winter returns.