Indie developer Jonathan Whiting (Aubergine Sky, Love Letter) just released Stalwart, an addictive rhythm-action platformer with a fantastic soundtrack by Demoscene Time Machine and rainbow-colored retro-style visuals that make you feel like you're playing a music video.

It's a single-stage game with three difficulty modes (and optional Game Boy/neoplitan/scanned graphical options), challenging your running knight to dodge meteors, lasers, bouncing spiral things, and other hazards that appear to the beat of the music. Very fun stuff!

Whiting says he completed the game at the end of last year and was hoping to get sponsorship for it. Unfortunately, that didn't work out for him, so he decided to release it anyway -- play it for free in your browser here, and see if you can beat my embarassing "high" score of 31084.

[Via @terrycavanagh]