Takara Tomy/Yujin is following up its original SR Video Game Robotics gashapon figures with a new set of four mechs from series like Game Arts' GunGriffon, Kogado Studio's Power DoLLS 2, Sega's Border Break, and HAL Laboratory's Metal Slader Glory.

The four SR Video Game Robotics figures include the following:

  • Gun Griffon - High-MACS Armored Walking Gun Systems
  • Power Dolls 2 - PDF-802 X4+
  • Border Break - Saber Type-I
  • Metal Slader Glory - VMH-Glory
Import shop NCSX is selling the full set for $32.90. You can also get the original gashapon collection, which featured robots from Cyberbots, Assault Suits Leynos/Valken, Wolf Fang, and Border Break, from the online store, but it's much more expensive at $68.90.