After examining a number of other people's games in his GameSetWatch and Gamasutra columns, roguelike guru John Harris is starting work on a project of his own that deserves your attention: In Profundis, a "2D cave exploration/sim game/platformer thing" coming to PC (and possibly Android/iPhone one day).

In Profundis is like a mix of those Falling Sand games with Dwarf Fortress and Minecraft, presented in 2D and designed to have a more complex cellular automation system -- that is, the game's system that makes "liquids flow, gases spread, boulders roll, fires spread, plants grow, and walls crack and crumble. "

"The player explores a huge cavern on an alien world, with substances and materials both familiar and exotic," Harris explains. "He brings in a selection of objects and gadgets with which to overcome the dangerous terrain, and hopefully make his fortune. The odds are against him."

To make this project happen, though, Harris is attempting to raise $5,000 in the next month. If you would be kind enough to pledge some cash, you can receive a copy of the finished PC version, access to alphas/betas, cameos in the game, comics, posters, and more depending on the size of your contribution.

You can check out Harris' Kickstarter page for In Profundis here, and follow his progress on the game on his development blog.