Because people love collecting miniature versions of everything, especially junk related to video games, Takara Tomy has created a new "History Collection" set of gashapon that pays tribute to the 15-year-old PlayStation console and its games/controllers.

The "PlayStation History Collection 1" line includes four toys for four PlayStation models:

  • SCPH-1000 with I.Q. game, memory card, and original joypad
  • SCPH-7000 with Minna no Golf, memory card, Dual Shock
  • SCPH-9000 with Ape Escape and PocketStation (SCPH-4000C)
  • SCPH-101 with LCD monitor accessory, Dual Shock 2, and Dokodemo
Import shop NCSX is taking preorders for the full set ($29.90), and will begin shipping the mini-PS1 collection in July.