In its second quarter release schedule unveiled today, Nintendo revealed that it's publishing another Mystery Case Files title from Big Fish Games, this time for Wii -- making this the first time the traditionally PC series has appeared on the system (or any other home console, possibly?).

The last time Nintendo published a Mystery Case Files title was in 2008 with MillionHeir for the DS (co-developed by Griptonite Games), which I found to be a high-quality hidden-object experience with a great soundtrack, excellent artwork, and well-implemented touchscreen support.

Big Fish Games' new Wii entry, Mystery Case Files: Dust to Dust takes players to Malgrave Island to find hidden objects and solve puzzles in order to collect a "magically powerful dust" that's been scattered across the island:

"Anyone can delve quickly and easily into the game's rich seek-and-solve action, using the Wii Remote controller to examine multi-layered hidden-object scenes, locate cleverly concealed items and obtain inventory items that will help to overcome brain-teasing obstacles.

Multiplayer features allow players to team up and crack the case together or face off in a competitive hunt for hidden objects."

Mystery Case Files: Dust to Dust is slated to release on June 27.