The fourth Mega64 skit debuted at last month's Game Developers Conference, "Mega64 Is In Limbo", is now online for your enjoyment! You can watch the comedy group's previous GDC spoofs of Heavy Rain, indie development, and the true ending of Sega's Shenmue series as told by Yu Suzuki at these links.

In this Limbo video, Mega64's Derrick explores the monochromatic world of Playdead's Xbox Live Arcade game, basically creeping everyone at the park out with his glowing eyes and real-world trial-and-error platforming. If you never thought the Limbo kid was kind of scary, this video might change your mind.

If the Independent Games Festival gave out awards for "Excellence in Awkwardness" or "Creepiness In Public Places", Mega64 would be a shoo-in!