The story of Bio Force Ape begins 20 years ago, when Nintendo Power published a brief preview (pictured below) of what sounded like an amazing NES game from Seta: a side-scroller starring a "genetically engineered super chipmanzee" that could suplex and pliedrive enemies.

The game was eventually cancelled, and those who believed that such a preposterous game even existed doubted that prototypes for Bio Force Ape would ever appear -- its status among collectors even spurred a popular and hilarious hoax at Digital Press several years ago.

In March 2010, though, a genuine prototype for Bio Force Ape appeared in a Yahoo! Japan auction, and Lost Levels' Frank Cifaldi managed to pull together donations from friends and the LL community to buy the cartridge for around $2,700.

And while today is the worst day to release something like this and convince people it's not an April Fools' Day joke, the ROM for Bio Force Ape has been dumped and made available for anyone to play in their emulator of choice!

You can download the game and read the full story behind Bio Force Ape at Lost Levels.