I was a little worried for Australia's Endgame Studios earlier in the year when I heard rumors about the developer having difficulty finding a publisher for Fractured Soul, but the company managed to partner with Graffiti Entertainment (C.O.R.E., Black Sigil) to release the game in North America.

If you've never heard of Fractured Soul, it's an intriguing platformer/shoot'em up that has you playing in two different worlds across the DS's two screens simultaneously, switching between them to progress. Players have to manage the different enemies, gravity, friction, and environmental effects in the two different worlds.

Graffiti announced that it will release the Ikaruga/Metroid-influenced title in North America in the fourth quarter of this year (N3V Studios will publish it in Australia). While you wait for that, at least two DSiware games have explored this gameplay style with different interpretatons: Chronos Twins and Divergent Shift.