Insert Credit co-founder and former GSW contributor Eric-Jon Rössel Tairne, has released a fun pazzle platformer about "environmental anxiety", created in Game Maker and inspired by titles like Solomon's Key, Super Mario Bros. 2, Braid, Hero Core, and "maybe a bit of Silent Hill 2".

"The world is closing in on you, and you need to escape. To do this, you observe your environment, build footholds, and destroy obstacles to your progress," Rössel Tairne explains. "There's maybe a little more to it than initially appears."

With the keyboard controls, you move with the numerical pad, while you build and destroy blocks/platforms with the spacebar and Z, respectively. You'll need to get used to jumping diagonally with the 7 and 8 keys quick, too, or your little gren stick figure guy is going to fall into a lot of spike pits.

You can download Builder for free to play on your Windows, Mac, or Linux system here (I had slowdown issues running it on my Mac, though I'm not sure if that's due to the age of my three-year-old Macbook.)