Here's a neat teaser for a documentary series called 8-Bit Generation: Playing The Revolution, which looks at "games, arcades, technical breakthroughs, [and the] social climate under the lens of the actors who took part in the process", interviewing industry pioneers like Ralph Baer, Al Acorn, and Eugene Jarvis.

Lorenzo Faggi, who co-directed the series for Junk Food and Claw Films, posted this synopsis:

"Before people became reliant on personal computers, internet and DVDs; before Mortal Kombat clones started invading our lives; before videogames turned into massive productions like Hollywood blockbusters… There was the 8-bit generation.

A journey backward from the Spacewar milestone, to the rise of the 16-bit era. A piece of human history that would have changed the way people approach game and technology, and definitely their lives, forever.

What was behind the first time a young prankster Steve Jaruszek borrowed his first token to play Defender? And what happened when Toru Iwatani sat down at his local pizzeria with a slice-off pizza in his front? Who did first envision Atari's fall?"

There's no info yet on when and where the full series will appear, but there are five episodes of this, each running around 60 minutes. You can see more preview videos, including a great collection of clips about what it was like to work with folks like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, after the break