Autumn Games and Reverge Labs posted this first trailer for Skullgirls, the stylish 2D fighter featuring a unique (if a bit morbid) cast of female characters illustrated and animated by talents like Alex Ahad, Mariel Cartwright, and Jonathan “Persona” Kim.

The game is built on Reverge's proprietary sprite-based engine, combining 2D art with real-time lighting effects -- Reverge claims this is a first for a fighter. It also has "Dark Deco" visuals drawn at twice the resolution usually shown on 1080p HD screens, which the studio says allows for "more detailed characters and in-game effects".

Skullgirls will feature the usual versus, story, arcade, and training modes, and a feature that allows players to share their replays and highlights of their matches on YouTube or Facebook. Expect the game to release for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 later this year.