After three years of silence on its blog, as well as a year and a half of slowed development, the fan translation project for cult favorite Dreamcast game Segagaga is back on track with new team members and renewed effort. The team is even updating is blog again!

Originally released in 2001, Segagaga is an RPG parodying the Dreamcast troubles -- players join Sega with the hopes of saving the former console maker and preventing its rival company Dogma from taking over the video game market.

Despite releasing only in Japan, it's long been cherished by Sega fans all over the world for its offbeat premise, self-awareness, and cameos from popular Sega figures like Sonic the Hedgehog, Amigo, Alex Kidd, and others.

To emphasize its recent "intense burst sessions" of work on the project, the translation group posted an awesome Segagaga site banner and wallpaper (above) created by Jonathan "Persona" Kim (Skullgirls). You can download it here!

[Via @personasama]