After teasing us last month with the promise of an iOS game that "lasts 1000 days" and offers "1000 heroes to guide, 1000 levels to explore and 1000 relics to gather," RedLynx has a gameplay trailer to show off its boastful 1000 Heroz project.

The iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game is a mix of platforming and racing, and it appears to play a lot like RedLynx's popular physics-based stunt racing series Trials, except with people doing the platforming instead of motorcycles.

Every 24 hours, the game will present a new hero to navigate a new stage and find a new treasure. Players can take part in daily time-based challenges and compete on the daily stage's leaderboards, or go back to play previous levels to gather gold and relics for their Hall of Records.

"We've designed 1000 Heroz to last for a thousand days, so whether you play every day or play only occasionally, there's always something new for you," says RedLynx creative director Antti Ilvessuo. "It's a new idea, where you can get your daily dose of Heroz right from the start."

RedLynx plans to release 1000 Heroez for $0.99 on the iPhone/iPod Touch and $1.99 on the iPad this April.