I have a fondness for creative, crafty trailers -- like this one for Ilvelo, which ended up never releasing in the States -- so I'm happy to have found a new one to share with you! Brothers John and Ste Pickford of UK-based indie Zee-3 (Naked War), recently posted this new video for their upcoming iOS/PC game Magnetic Billiards.

According to Zee-3 lore, the unconventional billiards game was outlined in a mysterious bundle of papers discovered by the brothers' in their family's attic, detailed in "a tatty blueprint showing the design for an mysterious electric billiards game, an invention of their great-great-grandfather Joseph Pickford".

"I've always said that game designers should work out their ideas on paper before developing the software," said Ste Pickford, designer and artist for the project. "And we've taken this to its logical conclusion by reconstructing the whole game with cardboard, spray mount and a laminator."

Magnetic Billiards isn't out yet, but it's scheduled to hit the App Store soon. You can see videos and screenshots from the PC version's alpha test stage here.