Publisher Square Enix has announced that Moon Diver, the new co-op side-scrolling action game from Feelplus (MindJack, Lost Odyssey) and Strider designer Koichi Yotsui, is now out for PlayStation Network (XBLA version releasing some time next month).

The new game "pays homage to [Strider] with hordes of enemies and gigantic bosses", but adds 3D graphics, a dynamic experience/leveling system for characters, and four-player local and online co-op (instant drop in and out) that spans 12 stages. 

Moon Diver also features "MoonSault Combinations" which are upgradeable and cooperatively combinable character special abilities that include area-of-effect attacks, passive power boosts, invisibility, and more. The game is available now on PSN for $14.99.