Bungie concept artist Isaac Hannaford has posted several early designs from Halo: Reach's heroic Noble Team, offering a bit of insight on the characters' armor styling and pointing out some details that you might have missed in the game.

On chief warrant officer Jorge (above), for example, "You can see the kill marks in Covenant blood on Jorge's left shoulder pad...the side that faces the enemy. This aspect of his personality doesn't show much in the game, but its a left over habit from his origninal Spartan II squad.  He continues the tradition out of reverence."

And for sniper Jun, Hannaford notes, "At one point we were considering making it possible to break down the sniper rifle...that idea was abandoned but you can see here an idea of how it would be stowed. This was also an earlier version of Jun's helmet. It was a bit hamfisted, but really communicated beyond a doubt that he was the sniper of the team."

You can see Jun's design after the break and the rest of Hannaford's posted images of Noble Team on his personal site.

[Via Super Punch]