Chris Covell has scanned, translated, and posted another fascinating Japanese children's book about how video games are made (the first one he uploaded was for Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. 3), this time for Enix's Dragon Quest VI on Super Famicom -- it's especially relevant now since DQVI's translated DS remake finally released in the West two weeks ago!

The book features some great DQVI concept art and photos of developers working, which give us a a hint of what Enix's offices looked like around 1995, making this a pretty neat book evey without Covell's translation. But with the English text, we're treated to quick biographies of key people, a peek at DQ creator Yujii Horii's life inside and outside work, and more.

Along with taking us through the creation of DQVI to its eventual retail distribution, Covell's notes also point out the book's odd interest in what developers are drinking, and an interesting cameo of a Moogle doll -- foreshadowing Enix's merger with rival Squaresoft eight years later. You can read How Video Games are Made: The Making of Dragon Quest VI here.