Jake Elliott's very promising Kentucky Route Zero might still be a long ways away, but he's just released another title you can enjoy in the meantime: Balloon Disapora, in which players "explore a foreign culture, make new friends, and ride through the clouds in a hot air balloon".

Featuring music by Helsinki-based composer Oliver Blank, the 3D point-and-click adventure game has players visiting different locations, helping people they meet, then receiving scraps to repair their hot air ballon with in return. It's a quick, 15-minute experience -- you can wrap it up during a lunch break and still have time to eat!

Balloon Diaspora is available to download for Windows and PC for free, but you can buy a $5 digital edition that has a PDF with more info about the game, prototypes, and concept art. There's also a hard copy $20 limited edition (35 made) that comes on a USB flash drive and includes the full soundrack, and a $50 deluxe edition (25 made) that has all that and an 18″x24″ poster hand-printed by Angee Lennard.

[Via IndieGames]