[In the second of a multi-part series of demoscene-related posts on GameSetWatch, following the first set of nominees, AteBit's Paul 'EvilPaul' Grenfell looks at the Scene.org awards for the best demos of the past 12 months.]

The next three Scene.org awards categories under our microscope are Best Demo on an Oldschool Platform, Most Original Concept and Breakthrough Performance.

Best Demo on an Oldschool Platform

A heavy Commodore presence in this year's nominees with four C64 demos and one Amiga.

Another Beginning by Offence & Prosonix

A real oldschool C64 demo here, from the The Last Ninja reference at the beginning to the need for the viewer to PRESS SPACE to skip between parts - none of this "newschool" trackmo nonsense here!

Gejmbåj by Snorpung

A neat demo running on the original monochrome Game Boy, and pushing it hard.

Grind by Dekadence & Accession

A metal themed demo for Amiga.

Mekanix by Booze Design & Instinct

Lovely graphics and effects in this C64 demo.

Snapshot by Glance

A second oldschool-styled, C64 megademo. This one is from Glance, and clocks in at around 12 minutes in length.

We Are New by Fairlight

As well as producing cutting edge PC demos, Fairlight also have a world class C64 division who have been cranking out original looking gems for years (Romeo is still one of my favourite C64 demos ever.) We Are New is certainly the most "new school" styled demo in the category this year.

Most Original Concept

A difficult category to call here, but remember that these are being judged from a demoscene perspective - so some of the concepts may previously have been seen elsewhere.

A True Story from the Life of a Lonely Cell by Skrju & Triebkraft

I won't spoil the story of this charming demo from Skrju & Triebkraft, but be prepared for some emotion. And once the concept has sunk in, remember that it was coded on a ZX Spectrum in only 256 bytes.

Agenda Circling Forth by Fairlight & CNCD

Not the first demo to rely heavily on particles (it's based on last year's Blunderbuss after all) but this one pushes the concept so much further.

Binary of Babel by Segfault Garden

Over 20 different programming languages were used in the creation of this demo. And you can brush up on your oldschool demoscene effect terminology while you're watching!

Darwinism by Archee

Archee is well known for his physics demo, but this 4k intro is also powered by genetic algorithms.

Payback by Haujobb

A demo running on an ATM? If you pay attention you'll spot the cut in the video, but it's still running on real hardware.

Breakthrough Performance

This is the only category where more than one production is considered. It aims to recognise demomakers who have raised their personal bar significantly over the course of the year and newcomers to the scene who have landed with a bang.

Abandonned by One Man Group

The first demo from this group, it's one member creating the music, graphics and design. The demo uses the Stravaganza Demotool suite for its engine.

Area Unstable by Badsquare

Area Unstable, from another new group, is coded in Flash. This demo also makes an appearance in the Best Effects category.

Ars Nova by Accept Corp

Accept Corp have been around since the late 90's, when they started out as a ZX Spectrum group. This year they moved onto the Windows platform and produced a couple of neat 64k demos, one of which is nominated in the Best 64k category.

B - Incubation by Ctrl-Alt-Test

Ctrl-Alt-Test are a fairly new group (their first release was in 2009) but B - Incubation is a great 64k that raised their profile.

Gejmbåj by Snorpung

Snorpung, another fairly new group, specialise in Game Boy demos. Gejmbåj is also nominated in the Best Demo on an Oldschool Platform category.