Not long after we talked here about Chinatown Fair, the "last arcade in Chinatown", rumors began to circulate about the game center closing. Sadly, those rumors were partially true, as it closed up shop yesterday and will move away from its Mott Street location -- where the arcade stood since at least the 1950s -- possibly migrating to Williamsburg.

NYC The Blog has a great collection of photos from the arcade's last hours, showing regulars continuing to crowd around the fighting games and classic cabinets even as machines were being removed. The site also posted depressing images of the celebrated game center now empty and lifeless, and cabinet pieces waiting on the street for someone to transport them to storage.

For more photos of the arcade taken over the past several decades, you can check out this new Chinatown Fair Arcade archival project, which seeks to " share all the memories of the Chinatown Fair arcade on a multimedia platform". You can also see a few photos from NYC The Blog's report after the break: