If you were one of those hip dudes (or dudettes) that made time last weekend to visit Pulsewave, the monthly chip musi show at New York City's The Tank, you would have have seen this neat homebrew breathalyzer game for the NES from electrical engineer Batsly Adams.

To play, you simply consume some alcohol, then breathe into a modified NES cart that is plugged into the first controller slot. According to Dauragon, the game then "gives you a point value based on how slizzr’d you are and ranks you amongst your fellowship of drunkards."

In addition to this Drunken NES video, EM Dash has posted a bunch of videos from last weekend's Pulsewave, capturing performances from Minusbaby, Crashfaster, DocPop, and others. Watch them all here!

[Via TCTD, Peter Berkman]