Gaijin Games has announced that Bit.Trip Flux, the sixth and final entry to its minimalist music game series for WiiWare/iOS/PC, will release on February 28 in the U.S. (February 25 in Europe). The game represents a "homecoming" for Bit.Trip hero CommanderVideo, promising "a sublime trip through his subconscious and a deep exploration of what makes him who he is."

As part of that homecoming, Flux has a lot in common with the first Bit.Trip game, Beat. It features the same guest musician, chiptune artist Bit Shifter, and Pong-stye paddle mechanics. "We realized that we wanted to return to the gameplay of Bit.Trip Beat because at CommanderVideo's core, he is returning to his simplest energetic state," explains Gaijin Games.

Players might not have as much trouble with Flux as they did with Beat's infamous difficulty though, as the developer says it's removed Game Overs:

"To help tell the story of CommanderVideo's transition back to The Source, we wanted to convey the point that it is an unstoppable pull which draws him home. For this reason, there is no Game Over. Bit.Trip Flux is meant to be played and completed in one sitting. It has also been designed such that most players will be able to fulfill that goal.

Bit.Trip Flux, while difficult, is not as punishing in its difficulty as the previous games in the series; yet reaching the new Meta Mode and staying there is quite a feat, so the challenge is there for experts."

Unless Gaijin Games decides to change its pricing for the series, expect to pay around 600 Points ($6) for Bit.Trip Flux when it releases in two weeks.