UK-based developer Astraware, which has ported a number of fine games to mobile platforms (e.g. Bookworm, Tradewinds 2), has released Digital Eel's space adventure trading game Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space to the iPad, now allowing players to direct its interstellar battles with touchscreen controls.

When Weird Worlds was originally released for Windows and Mac in 2005/2006, it won the Independent Games Festival's "Innovation in Audio". The game has players exploring a randomly generated universe, where they'll "meet exotic aliens, discover black holes, encounter drifting space hulks carrying untold riches or untimely death, witness the death of stars, and engage in space combat using a diverse array of weapons."

It's designed to be quick to play -- each game lasts around 15 to 30 minutes. Players start off by choosing from one of three ships, then customize that craft with components they'll acquire either through trade or encounters, then travel through a randomly generated star map with a turn-based system. Combat is presented in real-time, and gamers will be able to employ "dozens of weapons and tactics" against enemies.

";We're really happy to work with Astraware to bring Weird Worlds to the iPad," said Rich Carlson, CEO of Digital Eel. "The team at Astraware have taken the game a step beyond, into the future. Now players can experience the wonders, dangers and disgusting aliens of the Purple Void with the touch of a finger! Eww!" You can download Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space onto your iPad now for $4.99.