Vlambeer, developer of IGF award-nominated Super Crate Box, has partnered with Canadian independent game group Bit Collective, developer Paul "Pietepiet" Veer, and Dutch Game Garden to set up Winnitron NL, a Netherlands arcade cabinet that plays local indie titles and is inspired by the Winnitron machine in Winnipeg (which itself is inspired by Toronto's Torontron).

Dutch Game Garden, which is based in Utrecht and will house the Winnitron NL cabinet, is a government-supported group that seeks to grow the Netherlands' indie game scene by helping establish developers, organize game jams/meetings/events, and more.

As with the original Winnitron, the goal of this machine is to "create a centerpiece for the local independent community by showing off the possibilities and successes of small independent game development like game jams and mixing in Winnitron-exclusive versions of existing indie hits."

"The Dutch indie community is small, but has a lot of potential," says Vlambeer's Rami Ismail. "The recent IGF nominations for Dutch independent titles as Paper Cakes, Bohm, Dinner Date and Super Crate Box prove that the Netherlands are becoming a force in the international indie scene."

Ismail continues, "The Winnitron NL will hopefully encourage students and aspiring game designers to consider going a direction that’s often overlooked. We’re really excited to bring the Winnitron NL to major Dutch game events like the upcoming Global Game Jam."