Helskinki-based developer and publisher RedLynx, best known for its acclaimed Trials series, has announced a new physics-based puzzle/racing game called MotoHeroz and releasing to WiiWare in early 2011.

MotoHeroz has players bouncing and looping their vehicles through more than 100 colorful, obstacle-filled environments and three game modes. Along with its single-player story mode, the game will have a two- and four-player Party Rally mode.

The downloadable title will also have global and friend-based leaderboards, daily online competitions, widescreen support, 60 frames per second gameplay, music by Alan Wake composer Petri Alanko, and more.

"You've seen the screen shots, but the video give a better feel of the speed, flow, big jumps and crazy things that happen in MotoHeroz," says RedLynx's creative director and MotoHeroz's lead designer Antti Ilvessuo. "We can't wait until you actually get to play it."