As part of its upcoming House Party promotion for high-profile XBLA releases next month, Microsoft will publish acclaimed Diablo-esque action RPG Torchlight on the platform. Runic Games has posted a batch of screenshots for the ported game showing off its new interface -- instead of using a virtual cursor to emulate the PC version's point-and-click setup, this edition will have played directly controlling their hero with the gamepad.

Runic's president Travis Baldree says the XBLA game ton't have any missing skills or features: "Pretty much everything from the PC version is here. We didn't remove any features, with the exception of secondary weapon sets, because there was no way we could find that didn't feel horrible in inventory management. Socketing, enchanting, fishing, the infinite dungeon, item combination, are all represented."

Torchlight for XBLA will have some additions, though, such as new art, force feedback (used for "quakes, strikes, low health heartbeats, and tugs on the fishing line"), random quests, a Chakawary pet, and three armor sets (one for each class). It will also have improvements taken from Torchlight's upcoming sequel, reducing loading times, blending animation better for "snappier" combat, and offering a new automapping system.

According to Baldree, the company currently has "no PS3 plans to speak of" for Torchlight.

[Via GamerBytes, Runic Games Forums]