The Behemoth, the developer behind indie hits Alien Hominid and Castle Crashes, has announced its first iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad game with Super Soviet Missile Mastar. It's based on "the much beloved and not at all offensive mini game from Alien Hominid HD", which you can see a video of above.

If you can't tell from the clip, the goal of the 8-bit-styled game is to "pilot your missile into the capitalist pigs, dodging the usual helicopters, planes, and pesky birds." Yeah, um, it's not the most patriotic game -- well, not if you're American; it's probably very patriotic if you're a Cold War-era Russian!

The Behemoth expects to release Super Soviet Missile Mastar to the App Store for free next month.

[Via Joystiq, The Behemoth]