Ever since playing an early demo for Feist when it was an "Excellence In Visual Art" finalist and Student Showcase winner the 2009 Independent Games Festival, I've wanted few things more than to see a completed version of the enchanting, unearthly platformer.

Since the game's IGF appearance, developers Florian Faller and Adrian Stutz have released bits of new media and demonstrated the game at public exhibitions, and most recently they announced that Feist will release some time this year (though on which platform is still a mystery).

The pair explains that they've spent the last few months working primarily on "aspects that allow [them] to enhance the game experience and intensify the narrative dimension of the game without losing its experimental and playful nature."

They've also posted several new screenshots that have somehow made Feist's environments look even more majestic and its enemies even more terrifying. You can see more of them after the break:

[Via IndieGames.com]