If you watch a single video game trailer today, make it this one! Kentucky Route Zero is pitched as "a magic realist adventure game about a secret highway in Kentucky and the mysterious folks who travel it", coming to PC, Mac, and potentially other platforms this Fall.

It's a new project from artist Tamas Kemenczy and designer/programmer/artist Jake Elliott, the latter of whom developed Independent Games Festival Nuovo Award finalist A House in California. A Chicago experimental folk group is working on the soundtrack, which will consist of "consist of slow, spacey arrangements of bluegrass songs."

The team explains Kentucky Route Zero's premise and describes a couple gameplay excerpts:

"The player controls Conway, an antique furniture deliveryman, as he attempts to complete the final delivery for his financially troubled employer. Along the way he'll meet dozens of strange characters and make a few new friends to help him overcome the obstacles in his path. ... Gameplay in Kentucky Route Zero is slow-paced, focusing on exploring new environments and talking with new people.

In one section, Conway meets a robotic country singer named Junebug who is trapped in the abandoned restaurant that once employed her, and has to explore the cavernous depths below the restaurant in order to shut down a security system and free her. In another, Conway and his companions explore a Civil War era battleship that ran ashore in an underground river hundreds of years ago and is now populated entirely by cats."

Elliott and Kemenczy are looking to raise $6,500 in the next month to buy its Unity Pro license, pay the musicians and audio engineer, and offset their living expenses enough so they can focus on the game full time and complete it in the next nine months.

To motivate possible donors on Kickstarter, they're offering supporter newsletters, Kentucky Route Zero postcards, posters based on an in-game ad for a bottle of Hard Times bourbon, early copies of the soundtrck CD, and a "personal antique" that will appear in the game. 

[Via IndieGames.com]