Though the Grinch tried his best to steal Game Night 4 last month with gray skies and rain, he only managed to delay the Christmas-themed gamer party by a few weeks!

With the help of Attract Mode, Meat Bun, and LA Game Space, Giant Robot Los Angeles will host "Game Night 4: The Revenge of Xmas" this Saturday with three special games:

  • An X-mas edition of Vlambeer's hit indie game Super Crate Box made exclusively for Game Night
  • Arthur Lee's Merry Gear Solid games
  • A custom "holiday pack" edition of 8-BITar Hero, which mixes the Rock Band experience with old-school Nintendo games
Giant Robot also promises to have a playlist of 8-bit Christmas Tunes, hot cocoa, and cookies, which are enjoyable any time of the year. You can RSVP and find more info on Game Night 4, which will run from 7PM to 10PM, on this Facebook event page.