Accompanying those photos of the beautiful Famicom-inspired Scion we posted two months ago, here's a video of its co-designer Giant Robot founder Eric Nakamura showing off some of the custom car's features that you can't extrapolate from features.

Along with demonstrating the projectors installed into the headlights and backlights, which allow people to play and display games with the vehicle itself, Nakamura explains that each of the Scion's doors play video game sound effects, like the Coin and Mushroom noises from Super Mario Bros., when you open and close them.

He also reveals the special cartridge that "powers" the car, the arcade button that starts it, and the upholstery inspired by '80s Activision color schemes. And if that isn't enough to make you super jealous, Nakamura, co-designer Len Higa, and Attract Mode's Adam Robezzoli take it for a spin at the end.

Scion seriously needs to consider making a limited edition line of these! (and price it low enough so I can afford it)