If you're in need of an adventure game series to keep you company during the holiday week, independent developer and publisher Wadjet Eye has discounted its Blackwell Trilogy, offering all three of the "atmospheric mystery games" -- The Blackwell Legacy, Blackwell Unbound, and The Blackwell Convergence -- for $9.99 (down from its usual $$24.99 price)

Introduced in 2007, the Blackwell games feature "retro cartoon graphics, a point and click interface, voice acting, a fully orchestrated soundtrack, and unlockable extras such as concept art and voiceover blooper reels." Each of the titles promise story-driven gameplay that focuses on investigation, character interaction, and puzzle solving:

"When Rosa Blackwell's only relative dies after languishing in a coma for twenty years, Rosa thinks the worst is over. Then Joey Mallone, a sardonic ghost from the 1930s, blows into her life and reveals that she is a spirit medium

As much as Rosa wants to turn her back on her family legacy, it's now up to this unlikely pair to assist tortured souls and cure New York City's supernatural ills, whether they like it or not."

You can grab the Blackwell bundle at Wadjet Eye's site for $9.99 until January 1st. Once you've finished the trilogy, you'll be ready to play the series' fourth game, Blackwell Deception, which releases some time next year!