If you've already decided that you must watch a playthrough of Super Mario 64 but don't want to spend the last day of 2010 chained to your computer for hours, her is an astounding, tool-assisted "0 Star" speedrun of the N64 game that will rush you through to the end in five minutes and five seconds, or 18274 frames (minus the intro and end animations).

The speedrun takes advantage of game-breaking glitches and BLJ (backwards long jumping) tricks to save frames, like this pause technique:

"Normally, you can only press the A button fifteen times per second because the game runs at thirty frames per second. If you had thirty continuous A frames, you'd just be holding A down, not tapping it. However, if you pause while pressing the A' button, you are given an opportunity on the next frame to release the A button.

You can follow that by repressing it when it's not paused (therefore letting you BLJ the equivalent of thirty times per second). This is useful when you need more speed to travel a long distance. It isn't as helpful as it seems as it takes three extra frames to do a Pause BLJ. In order to save time you need the extra speed to save at least 3 frames."

The forward jump kick trick is also impressive:
"While Mario is recovering after a forward movement (dive, long jump, etc.), you can hold the A button prior to landing, and on the frame you land, press the B button with the analog stick at ^54 or less (on the TAS Input Plugin), you will do a jump kick. The trick is that it maintains all of the same speed from before the landing.

You can also apply this when moving backwards (such as after a BLJ), by holding A before you are in the running animation, and then pressing B. This causes Mario to do a jump kick and retain the same speed. This is useful for crossing long gaps and covering large distances."

You can read a full dissection of the speedrun by its authors at TASVideos.