A year after Dragon's Lair debuted on the downloadable download platform, Digital Leisure has brought another of Don Bluth's laserdisc games to DSiWare: Space Ace, the fully animated interactive title originally released to arcades in 1984.

"Play as the heroic Ace and stop the evil Commander Borf from taking over the Earth. Borf plans to reduce all of humankind to infants and take over the planet.

Only two people have the courage and strength to stop Borf and save Earth: the beautiful Kimberly and the heroic Ace. But as they approach Borf’s stronghold, Ace is changed into a child by the Infanto Ray and Kimberly is kidnapped by the evil madman."

Like Dragon's Lair, Space Ace challenges players to input a particular direction or hit the fire button at the right moment during the animated scenes in order to avoid obstacles. The DSi's bottom screen sdisplays players' location, score, and lives.

You can grab Space Ace from DSiWare for 800 Nintendo Points -- it's around $3 more expensive than the iPhone version released last year, but at least now you have a new portable option for the game.