If you're in or near New York City and looking for something to do tomorrow night (it's not like there's anything big planned for New Year's Eve there), indie games arcade Babycastles is holding one last event: a "Live Action Multi-New Year Espionage & Dancing Game" called Secret Animal Plan.

The game was designed by Diner Dash designer Nicholas Fortugno in collaboration with Babycastles' Kunal Gupta and Showpaper's Joseph Ahearn. The event will run from 10PM to 6AM, allowing attendees to hop in the game anytime and possibly win copies of We Love Katamari signed by Keita Takahashi.

Secret Animal Plan's ;premise:

"The game involves tribes of Alligators, Snakes, Zebras, Foxes, & Black Labradors, closely guarding a secret nefarious or benevolent plan for the year of 2011. To play the game, the player can visit a Game Master, who divinates an animal identity & secret plan for the player in exchange for his or her (anonymous) personal secret plan for 2011.

The game play involves a mix of predator-prey relationships, espionage, animal role playing, and themed cooperative dance-offs in collaboration with bands & djs performing that night (including GDFX, who composes indie game soundtracks especially for Mark Essen)."

Babycastles' arcade cabinets, which currently features past award-winners curated by IndieCade (including VVVVVV, N+) will also be playable throughout the night. You can RSVP and find more information for the event on its Facebook page.