Mission in Snowdriftland, the Flash-based advent calendar/platformer created by Extra Toxic and Nintendo, is returning this December! Except this time, instead of releasing exclusive downloads for Nintendo games (e.g. WarioWare wallpapers, Yoshi's Island DS ringtones), the game will now feature content from indie studios.

As players collect snowflakes in each of Mission in Snowdriftland: Indie Games Edition's 25 stages (a new level revealed each day starting December 1st), they'll unlock downloads from developers like Akaoni Studio (Zombie Panic in Wonderland), Gajin Games (Bit.Trip series), and Over the Top Games (NyxQuest).

Other featured studios include Spaces Of Play (Spirits), Ronimo Games (Swords & Soldiers), Press Play (Max and the Magic Marker), and tons of bits (chick chick BOOM). That last developer is putting together this year's Mission in Snowdriftland and plans to contact more indies to participate.

Make sure to hit up the Mission in Snowdriftland site on December 1st to play the first level and begin unlocking indie downloads.