When BitComposer Games announced its plans to remake classic tactical PC RPG Jagged Aliiance 2 for release next year, the German publisher said it would introduce a new 3D graphic style and user interface to the 11-year-old game while also addressing "the weak points of the original."

Those weak points apparently include turn-based combat and "fog of war"/line-of-sight system, as the company is abandoning both to make Jagged Aliiance 2: Reloaded "as attractive as possible to players who know the Jagged Alliance series and to those who have yet to play".

Reloaded will feature a new "Plan & Go" system that plays out combat in real-time but allows players to pause the game at any time to react to events. BitComposer says the overall strategy is the same, in that players still need to identify advantageous positions on the map to minimize losses.

"In the 'Plan & Go' system we have omitted the 'Fog of War', which covered most of the map in JA2. Enemies positioned outside buildings are permanently visible, which enables the player to establish a strategy from the outset without having to constantly save and load.

The real-time elements in the 'Plan & Go' system also add new and exciting features such as “Timing” for example. As the enemies are patrolling all over the map, the player must time his movements very precisely to defend himself against his enemies.

Here, the need to quicksave/quick load is greatly reduced, as the risks and challenges are more easily identified and the effect of the risk is reduced to a much shorter time (e.g. a character is sighted before he has reached his target, so the shooting starts earlier than anticipated).

The “Plan & Go” system also enables players to specify the conditions under which his units can attack independently; they can therefore open fire when enemies enter their range of vision.

This offers players the same tactical depth in terms of decision-making, and also intensifies the combat experience, because more experienced players have to pause much less frequently and, for the most part, can let the game progress in real time. In particular, this speeds up battles with large numbers of fighters and which seemed like they would never end in the original game!"

BitCoposer says that with 'Plan & Go', combat is more dynamic, players have to spend less time moving their mercenaries toward battles, and firefights with large numbers of enemies are resolved more quickly. It's also supposed to allow new AI functions like cutting off and flanking enemies.

You can read more of the company's notes on the changes on its Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded forums.

[Via Versipellis]