Swiss design firm Bread and Butter is selling a classy "Gamepads Complete Collection 1979-2009" poster featuring illustrations of 42 official controllers for home video game consoles. It collects pads as obscure as the Apple Pippin Atmark's controller and as recent as the PlayStation's Move wand.

There aren't any details on pricing or the poster's size posted online, but you can contact Bread and Butter's Laurent Bolli about ordering one of the pieces. You can also see a slideshow with close-up shots of the pads at the consultancy group's site.

And while we're looking at gray-and-white vector art for controllers created by design firms, last month CX Partners posted a rather neat "Joypad Evolution" infographic showing the "design patterns and innovations in gaming interface design" over the past 38 years. Download a high res version of it here!

[Via A bunch of stuff about game controllers]