Organizers for Interactive Fiction Competition, the annual contest (running since 1995) devoted to text-based adventure games, recently announced the winners of this year's event, ranking the top titles from 26 submissions.

The three highest-scoring titles are Matt Wigdahl's Aotearoa, C.E.J. Pacian's Rogue of the Multiverse ("cover art" pictured), and Colin Sandel and Carolyn VanEseltine's One Eye Open. Here are some quick descriptions for those titles grabbed from the Interactive Fiction Database:

  • Aotearoa: "The Fish of Māui. The Land of the Long Cloud. Aotearoa. An entire continent of untamed wilds, and the last place on Earth where dinosaurs still roam. If only you'd come ashore under better circumstances..."
  • Rogue of the Multiverse: "Congratulations, convict 76954! You have been selected for scientific experimentation! You will be matter-transmitted to exotic non-Treaty worlds - where opportunities abound to take in fantastic sights and mingle with colourful locals!"
  • One Eye Open: "Had you known the bloody history of Corona Labs, you would never have signed up as a test subject. But now, plunged into that history, surrounded by the damned and the dying, you must find the truth. Perhaps you will even survive it."
You can check out how all the submitted entries scored at the Interactive Fiction Competition site. There you'll also find links and instructions for playing the games for free either online or through interpreters.