Experimental game developer Tale of Tales is celebrating Halloween/All Saints Day/All Souls Day by packing together three of its morbid titles for Windows/Mac into a Day of the Dead bundle, inviting consumers to pay what they want to download The Graveyard, The Path, and Fatale (normally priced at a total of $22).

The Graveyard (pictured), which was a finalist for the Independent Games Festival's Innovation award in 2009, is a short but affective interactive experience in which players follow an old woman's visit to the cemetery, possibly even witnessing her last moments of life.

In The Path, gamers play through a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood, "[guiding] six sisters through a dark forest where they will find their end." And in Fatale, players take on the role of John the Baptist, who "who loses his head because he did not return the love of biblical princess Salome."

Tale of Tales says that all proceeds from this Day of the Dead bundle will go directly into the production of its next game, codenamed The Book of 8, a re-imagining of the studio's first unfinished project 8. The sale will run until November 2nd.

"It's ironic that Halloween has become such a joyful holiday," says Tale of Tales' directors Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. "On the eve of All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day, humans try their best to forget their fear of death.

"But why? Death is a fascinating phenomenon that we have explored in the three videogames offered in the Day of the Dead bundle. We hope our games allow players a moment of silent contemplation, away from the cheap scares and the rubber monsters. We all know people who have died. We will all die ourselves."

The duo adds, "This is the time of year to remember that. As the days get shorter, and nature around us withers, let's be quiet for a little while, and connect to the darkness and the cold. Maybe we will find it's not so frightening after all."

The Path story trailer:

Fatale audio trailer: