Last month, we showed you Return of the Quack (pictured), a strange but attractive shoot'em up from indie developer Chevy Ray Johnston, artist Matt Furie, and chiptune musician Nullsleep, which was sponsored by Toyota's Scion brand and given away with issues of Giant Robot magazine.

Scion's Installation Space Los Angeles is working with Giant Robot again to have the latter curate a new "Pixel Pushers" exhibit, which bills itself as "an exploration of 8-bit digital media" and will run from November 17 to December 11.

A Famicom-inspired Scion art car will serve as a centerpiece from the show, projecting Return of The Quack, presumably for attendees to play. The exhibit will feature video-game inspired art, a bank of retro custom pachinko machines, 8-bit sculptures, and four mini-game consoles.

Participating artists include Return of the Quack's creators of course, Jud Buffum, Zach Gage, Len Higa, Daniel Rehn, Shawn Smith, and Kohei Yamashita. The show's flyer is available here. I can't wait to see the Famicom art car!