Calling attention to the return of new Eastbound and Down episodes -- and the return of the show's coke-snorting, hubristic star Kenny Powers to professional baseball, albeit on a Mexican team -- HBO has released a free Kenny Powers’ Home Run Fiesta: Deep Inside Mexico app for iPhones and iPads.

It's a home run competition in which players face off against Kenny Powers in five levels, trying to knock his pitches out the park while suffering his insults and antics. The game also features "retro 8-bit color graphics", which seems like an arbitrary choice for its visual design, but I guess it's what's in now.

Be warned that you'll need to be at least seventeen years old to download the app, as it has frequent and/or intense mature/suggestive themes, as well as infrequent and/or mild sexual contact/nudity, alcohol/tobacco/drug use or references, realistic violence, simulated gambling, profanity/crude humor, and cartoon/fantasy violence.

[Via Kotaku]