Not confident that its blocky 3D in-game model for Okamiden's Chibiterasu would convey the character's cuteness, Capcom enlisted the help of this super adorable puppy to play the celestial wolf pup at promotional events and in the DS game's Japanese commercial.

His name is Moran-chan (which immediately calls to mind this image), and he appears in this brief advertisement with Japanese idol and actress Kitano Kii, whose song "Hanataba" plays in the background. I'm of the opinion that this spot features too much of Kii and not enough Moran-chan. Maybe too much of Okamiden, too.

Perhaps if Capcom had found an older and just-as-cute dog to play the role of Amaterasu, the full-grown wolf in the original Okami, that title would have received the attention it deserved from gamers on PS2 and Wii?

[Via Capcom, GamesRadar]