Mommy's Best Games (Weapon of Choice, Shoot 1UP) uploaded this first trailer for Explosionade, its sidescrolling run-and-gun title releasing on Xbox Live Indie Games next Monday -- it was supposed to come out last Saturday, but the studio delayed it slightly to fix a crash bug, rebalance gameplay, and attend to other issues.

In the Metal Slug-esque title, you pilot a prototype mech codenamed GRenaDOS into subterranean strongholds and blow up aliens. Explosionade features destructible environments, two-player co-op, online leaderboards, and challenge-room style gameplay with a zoom function that allows you to get a close-up look at the action (or zoom out to see the entire room).

Mommy's Best Games will release this XBLIG exclusive for 80 Microsoft Points. Don't forget that sales for Explosionade will help fund the development of the studio's other project, Grapple Buggy!

[Via GamerBytes]